Negros Oriental Summer Evangelism Output

From March 18 to May 13, brother Santiago Sameon II worked with churches and brethren in the province of Negros Oriental. His activities and the results are the following: places visited—39; messages delivered–27, lectures given—19; open forum conducted—151; Bible studies taught—10; home visitations—11; weddings conducted—2; gospel singing participated in—44; discussion held—1; family restored to the church—1; baptisms—79.


One thought on “Negros Oriental Summer Evangelism Output

  1. DouglasLeCroy

    If you add up all the mathmatics of the summer of Santiago Sameon II, you’d have a very busy and productive time for sure. But I just wish we had a way of conversing with him about all those places visited, the people he talked to, what sermons he preached to combat the errors being taught here and there, the true and hard work of a dedicated evangelist. If there is time, at least a little time, I hope all the Filipino preachers will begin thru Word Ministry to tell more and more about the works that they are doing up and down the nation. Thanks to all of you for doing it, and may God bless and keep you as you go–but above, just keep on going. Not only are we, fellow Christians with you, watching you; but the very angels in heaven are looking down to cheer you on.

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