Zambales Family Camp

One hundred fifty eight attended the Family Bible Camp which was held at San Narciso, Zambales. This annual Bible camp intends to bring together the congregations of the Churches of Christ in Cnetral Luzon (Region 3).


2 thoughts on “Zambales Family Camp

  1. DouglasLeCroy

    As best I can remember, it was way back in1962 that Alvin Luther left his Idaho home and took up the work of a gospel preacher in the southern Philippines, and later on, especially in Bacolod City. He even found a beautiful Filipina, Fe, for his bride and the mother of three beautiful Christian children. In spite of many and terrible attacks on the church in Bacolod, he is still hanging in there. What does the Lord require but that a man be found faithful? From where I am, on the far side of the world, I can do nothing but heap praises on those who are giving some of the most beloved of all the world’s people a chance to go to heaven by and by. And I wish I could add praises to even a hundred more who have preached it like it is in the Book!

  2. Ellen Stanton Nelson

    I would like to contact Alvin Luther. We were friends in college and I would like to renew acquaintance. If he could contact me at I would appreciate it. Thanks

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