PBC Alumni and Church Leaders Hold Forum

On May 1, the Philippine Bible College Alumni Association sponsored a forum on “Abundant Giving.”  Topics discussed were “Measures of Giving in the Patriarchal, Mosaical and Christian Dispensations” by Arnold Zambrano; “Expressions and Arguments Generally Used by Filipino Preachers: Their Weakness” by Eusebio Tanicala; “The Psychology of Giving” by Edwin Valencia; Gilbert Trani lectured on “Planning & Budgeting as Tools in Abundant Giving and Church Growth.”

     Zambrano and Valencia stressed that abundant and sacrificial giving is an expression of love for the Lord, a support for church work, an acknowledgement of the rich providential blessings of God, a material investment with spiritual profits.

     On the other hand, Tanicala made the observation that many preachers use expressions like, “tithing has been taken out and is not binding,” and leaves the impression that giving is below ten percent; and some pray “Lord, bless those who give as well as those who cannot give,” with the impression that non-givers harvest the same blessings as those who give; “give as you prosper” “as one purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity” leaving the impression that the individual is left to his own to determine the amount by self-measuring his own prosperity, and give the amount that which is not begrudged. Another expression based on the widow’s mite is “even if the amount you give is very small, the Lord welcomes it” leaving the impression that the small contribution makes God happy. Preachers and Bible teachers emphasize the smallness of the coin instead of what is left inside the pocket or purse of the widow. These were explained in the context of the passages.   

“I’m happy to hear those words about abundant giving,” remarked Bob Buchanan.