Training School Announcements

Cebu Bible College announces the availability of limited scholarship slots for new students entering the training program in June. Interested persons may contact the following addresses:


Jun Patricio writes: “Some alumni of PBC and other preachers initiated the oorganization of ASIAN INSTITURE OF CHURCH PLANTING & CHURCH GROWTH which will open classes in June this year. The program includes two years of classroom work and two years of intership. Scholarship is available. We are looking around for additional sponsors and we are enrolling students. Land for the school has been donated. It is located in an area that is overlooking scenic Taal Lake. We need a school building. If able and interested, please call/text June Patricio at 09196302635.”

A  committee within the PBC Alumni Association chaired by Santiago B. Sameon II, Ed.D. has formulated an initial curriculum for a graduate level program at Philippine Bible College.