Evangelistic Ministry started in North Cotabato

Another activity participated in by preachers and church leaders in the province of North Cotabato is called “evangelistic ministry.” It is a cooperative effort of brethren with the sole purpose of sharing the good news of salvationl, to various communities. Participants knock on doors and talk with people. They also enroll students to the World Bible School.

There are twelve local congregations in the province. Each locale voluntarily sends members to an identified community that is targeted every last Saturday of the month. A host congregation is not much worried because every cooperating individual takes care of his food and fare. The hosting church plans and directs the activities. Participants agree to follow the guidelines put forth by the host.

According to Gabriel Valdez of the Kabacan congregation, this ministry has resulted to the conversion of several souls, has strengthened personal relationships of brethren and promoted strong emphasis on evangelism.