Philippine Mission Workshop 2007

A Philippine Mission Workshop with the theme: “Unify to Glorify” was held at the Clark Church of Christ, Josefa Subdivision, Malabanias, Angeles City,Pampanga on February 26-28. Speakers were Jun Fuentes, Jun Patricio, Fred Angangan, Marlow Garlitos, Art Madlaing, Solomon Devera, Darryl Darden, Santiago Sameon II, and Tholomew Mapalo.

A brainstorming to strategize Philippine gospel mission, capped the workshop. The group was reminded that the thrust of the present gospel mission in the Philippines should be the empowerment of local congregations, individual ministers and all active members to promote the growth of the church. Also it was recognized that to accomplish this work of empowerment there should be a sharing of resourcesthrough a networking system.

Items were identified under four major categories:

  1. CELBBRATION: The Church, Knowledge based, Cooperation, Training Institutions, Support Ministries,Common Goal.
  2. CHALLENGES: Funding, Unempowered Personnel, Lack of Ownership, Communication, Unifying Factor (Kanya-kanya should not prevail).
  3. CONSIDERATION: Church-based Training, Inter-congregational Relationship (Regional, National, International), Consider the example of the congregations in Cavite, Zambales and MetroManila. May use The Word Ministry (currently paper based) but which goes on line starting this March to promote communications. A directory is also needed.
  4. COMMITMENT: The following committed themselves to work and promote some identified undertakings: Marlow Garlitos, Chito Cusi, Eusebio Tanicala and JunFuentes.